Differential GPS

Product Overview 

UP-100 post-differential/RTK GPS module is an industrial high-precision differential GPS module. Developed by Beijing UAV Pilot Technology CO. , LTD., the module is of high positioning accuracy and low power consumption.

UP-100 is to used with autopilots of UP series. When working with the external radio of UP series autopilots, real-time kinematic(RTK) is realized. This highly improves positioning precision of the system. Therefore high-precision location data can be achieved for high-precision aerial survey.

UP-100 records raw data observed by the satellite at the same time. You can use post-processing software to calculate the post-differential after flight mission. These two functions can both attain centimeter-level positioning precision. Hence UP-100 is particularly well-suited for high-precision aerial photography and survey. And the efficiency and quality is greatly improved.

UP-100 contains ground station differential module、flight  differential module and other accessories. These two modules should be used with each other.

Configuration parameters

Technical Parameter

StorageCapacity 4G(optional) 
Differential Data Frequency1~20Hz(optional)
Post-processing/RTK Level Position Precision1cm+1ppm
Post-processing/RTK Height Precision3cm
Hot Start Time<50s

Electric Parameter

PowerDC input, input voltage 6-28V
Power Consumption<2W

Physical Characteristics

Ground Station118*80*32(mm)200g
Mobile Terminal82*52*24(mm)80g