Baymax Aerial Survey UAV

Beijing UAV pilot technology Co,Ltd is a global high-tech company specializing in the research,design,development,production and sales of various unmanned and automatic control UAV(unmanned aerial vehicle),such as fixed wing aircraft,helicopter,airship,unmanned ship,unmanned vehicle.We are committed to the fields of aerial survey,aerial photography,forestry,rescue,environment protection,criminal detection,anti-terrorist etc. for the unmanned aerial vehicle and are one of the main suppliers in the global market.At present,we are engaging in the several fields of UAV flight control,flight vehicle design,data communication,computer and design and manufacture of composite materials,GPS development and application etc.Through our growing investment and sustained efforts,hopefully we are the global leader in several areas.

After decades of continuous efforts and actual fly tests,we developed an UAV flight control system UP10 that can control fixed-wing UAV and airship at different sizes and various layouts in early 2005.In 2007, we developed an upgraded version UP20.In 2009,the UP30(can control fixed wing,helicopter,airship,unmanned ship,UGV etc multiple versions)  was developed.We developed a UP40 autopilot for low-end users in 2010.They are the present crystallization about navigation technology, automatic control technology, computer technology, aerospace technology, communication technology and the countless times of UAV flight experience.There are manual, semi-autonomous and fully-autonomous control modes, altogether 6 control modes.In 2014,we  developed the latest generation digital  UP50 UAV autopilot and UPX multi-rotors autopilot supports for a variety of rotor layouts.

After decades,the users of UP series autopilots and aircraft extend all over national scientific research institute,universities,private drone enterprises,military,overseas UAV enterprises.They are widely used in territorial resources surveys,environmental monitoring,town planning,disaster investigation,fire monitoring,border patrol,coastal defence anti-smuggling,military reconnaissance,meteorological detection,artificial influence weather.The UP series UAV control systems have been tested by thousands of flight hours and various environmental safe flight,they are flying all over China and overseas market.

Configuration parameters

The specification of UAV

Aerodynamic configurationConventional layout 
Aircraft length2m
Aircraft height0.5m
Wing Area0.9㎡
Maximum mission payload2Kg
the Volume of storehouse300x280x17 mm3 
Bare weight10Kg
Max take-off weight15Kg
Max oil reserves4L
Airscrew diameter0.6m

Flight performance parameter

Maximum airspeed140km/h
Cruising airspeed97km/h 
Max flight attitude Elevation3500m
Max overload3.5G
Maximum sea level climbing rate5m/s
Max flight time120min
Fuel consumption rate1.5L/h(5000r/min)
Cruising rotate speed of the engine5000-6000r/min
Max rotate speed of the engine7000r/min
Take-off and landing anti-wind capability<5
Cruising anti-wind capability13m/s
Distance of take-off run60m
Distance of landing run150m
Communication distance 30Km(Unabgeschirmt)
Take off run and landing run