Wind Controller Electric Smart UAV

1. Overview 

Wind controller fixed wing UAV system is a turnkey solution newly launched by Beijing UAV Pilot Technology Co., Ltd. Wind controller can be used for aerial reconnaissance, forest fire monitoring, disaster evaluation, aerial survey photography and mapping, meteorological detection, and town planning. Wind controller is a new generation smart aircraft, it can realize autonomous flight at given flight route boasting high precision, stable flight attitude, easy operation and compact size. 

*Convenient to carry.Wind controller is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic honeycomb material. It enjoys light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, good electrical insulation, thermal insulation, good resistance to instantaneous ultra high temperature, and it dyes easily and it is electromagnetic waves transmittable.

*Easy to operate. Preflight installation and check can be finished by one practised hand in fifteen minutes. Support autonomous flight along to planned route from take-off to landing at high precision.

*Cost effective. Wind controller enjoys light weight and small size, customers don’t need to use van to carry or ejector rack to assist take-off nor need to hire a professional pilot.

*Easy to repair. Body of the plane is designed into three modules, it’s more convenient to repair.

*Convenient transportation.standard bolt and spring lock are used to connect each module. So it is quite easy to disassemble them for easy carry or replace the broken part.

*Technologies. Support navigation technology, automatic control technology, 

computer science technology, aero technology and telecommunication


*Integrated ground control station system. Support flight route modification during the flight.

*Safe to use. The plane body is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic honeycomb material, which is small in size and light in weight, safer to fly in urban area.

*Sharper photos. Wind controller flies at a relatively low speed and enjoys high stability which helps get sharper photos.

2.The Characteristics of the Wind Controller Fixed-Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 

2.1.Full-automatic and Blockhead operation,one person can complete the aircraft assembly and flight preparation within 5 minutes. It’s the full automatic flight from take-off to landing,without flight control operator.

2.2.Rubber cord catapult-assisted take-off ,which doesn’t need the runway and professional ejector rack, It is more accurate and easy to operate than the throwing take-off.

2.3. Automatically designate the height and position, open the parachute and retract the parachute,without glide path. it has more stronger adaptability than the glide landing site.

2.4.The airframe can be mounted and dismounted conveniently. After the whole system is packed in the box,it can be carried by plane,train,and can also put in the car trunk.

2.5.Capable of carrying the professional SLR(single lens reflex) camera,the camera warehouse designed is located in aircraft center-of -gravity position, with good protective performance(the camera is not easy to be damaged),little shake(Pictures were taken in good stability and high accuracy).

2.6.The continuous voyage ability is strong,the flying distance for single sortie is more than 100km. Flying time is 60 minutes.

2.7.To be drived by high-energy lithium battery,convenient charging,easy maintenance.

2.8.Under the loading conditions of carrying full-frame camera,the flying weight is only 4.2kg,it achieves the perfect balance in security and simplicity as well as aerial survey precision.(Compared to the foam plane below 2kg,its flight attitude is more stable, Camera accuracy is high. It’s easier to operate than large size oil jet, with lower cost, better security and same accuracy.)

2.9.Electric machine design with better aerodynamic performance, high control surface efficiency,convenient to catapult for hand -holding,avoid harming the hand by the rear engine propeller.

2.10.Parachute cabin is installed under the body,the cover for the parachute cabin is designed to pop up, which has the very high success rate of parachute-opening.

Configuration parameters
Technical indexData
Wing length1.23 m
Wing spread2.092 m
Standard take-off weight4.2 kg
EngineDC brushless motor
Wing area0.691 ㎡
Standard playload600g
Average speed70 km/h
Duration of flight60 minutes 
Way of take-offcatapult assisted take-off
Way of landing Parachute landing
CameraCustomized SONY-a7rz, Full-Frame SLR camera with Leica calibration lens
Maximum take-off weight4.9 kg
Suggested flight atmosphere conditionWind force≦ 5 

Glass fiber reinforced plastic honeycomb material

Flight radius   15km 

Flight radius15km
Communication radius20~30km in open area
Box size 139cm×50cm×28.8cm
GCS box size48cm×32cm×12cm